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dannyphantomb whispered : I love your blog so much! Definitely followed! :D

Thank you!

-Mod Minna

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Anonymous whispered : Just to clarify, you don't reblog any 'gay' hentai, but you're not against the idea of being gay right?

I fully support gay/lesbian marriage, yes. However, I try and make this blog as SFW as possible, and I try and keep shipping out of this blog too. (I did before, but I decided not to.)

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I normally don’t make posts like this, but it’s been annoying me and yeah. I feel like I need to step in and make people listen. 

Isayama has never, ever said anything about WWII, or Korea. He doesn’t have a private Twitter account. People are throwing fits and calling Isayama a horrible human being over things he has never said before. 

Isayama said himself he doesn’t have a Twitter. He has a blog. That’s it. He talks about SnK, MMA, and other non-political things on his blog. 

I follow all the official SnK Twitter’s, and I can safely guarantee that they have never said anything negative about Korea. They talk about SnK, nothing else. 

Someone is spreading false info, people aren’t sourcing their information properly, and you are calling a innocent man a horrible human being. I’m putting my foot down and telling everyone to stop until you learn to properly source your stuff. 

Thank you for listening.

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